kpa. stands for “Karlijn Petronella Antonia”, my first and middle names. The name of the store was an easy pick, because it perfectly reflects the personal experience that I want to give to my customers. In a time where we are all shopping from home in our underwear, a little bit of personal attention, hearing someone say “your butt looks amazing in those jeans”, is a real relief.
This store was opened with a wish to create that personal shopping experience.

All items in my little store have been curated by me personally, creating collections that transcend seasons and flow with every personal style. These collections underline the Scandinavian values of effortless luxury and functionality in combination with the romantic yet timeless “Je ne sais quoi” French style and those bold Italian statement pieces which spice up your outfit immediately. 

The kpa. aesthetic is feminine and sophisticated. Bringing easy-to-wear essentials to create a relevant wardrobe
that embodies all the comfort and confidence a women needs to express her personal appearance.
Therefore the kpa. women has no age, because style comes in all ages.

kpa. carries a range of clothing, bags and jewellry minded on dressing the whole you. The list of brands is a mix of established designers and cool, fresh brands, for every occasion.

If you’re in Haarlem, swing by and get ready to be dressed. Or just come in, say hi and get inspired!